Pool Policies

General Information at the Pool

  • Out of respect to others please use CELL PHONES in your cars and not in the allocated seating area.  No Glass containers at swim due to bare foot children.  No spray sunscreens to be used in sitting area.

  • Enter through the 2 silver gates. Parents and caregivers please leave with your swimmers and do not allow them out of the gate alone - the street is dangerous.

  • Siblings must be accompanied by an adult at all times, including using the toilet.

  • If siblings need to play/shout/run around please use the nearby park.

  • If the weather is unpleasant you are welcome to sit in your car.   

    By law the pool will close if there is lightening and thunder present.   

    Swim lessons will be forfeit if we experience "natural disasters" like smoke from wild fires, or safety closures in the county.

    Long hair interferes with teaching. Wear a cap or tie it back away from the face.  Simple swim wear makes learning to swim a lot easier.

  • Parents have requested not having their children in videos and pictures on social media.  Please limit taking photographs of your swimmer before or after their lesson.   

  • There are NO make-ups for missed classes.

Swim Pool Policy

Fecal Accidents

  • Have your swimmer use the toilet before each swim class, and remind them that they can get out of the pool to go to the toilet.

  • Keep children with diarrhea or other gastrointestinal illnesses out of the pool.

    Mommy/me swimmers must be double diapered - disposable and reusable.

  • Use reusable diaper for younger children who have recently been potty trained.

  • NOTE: Fecal accidents can occur in older children of 5 – 6, not just babies.

  • Pool chlorine is not effective in killing fecal cryptosporidium (parasite in feces)

  • Fecal accidents require special cleaning procedures and pool closure .

  • Subsequent lessons will be forfeited until the pool chemical levels are safe for swimming.


  • Apply sunscreen 20-30 minutes before getting into the pool.  Re apply sunscreen when swim class is over.

  • Swimmers may wear snug fitting swim shirts for lessons.