Fall 2020 to Spring 2021

  • Due to Covid 19 
Health and wellness is my primary focus during this unprecedented time.
I teach children the skill of swimming and provide this training as safely as possible.
I will continue to follow CDC and health department guidelines while operating my swim facility.

COVID-19   Please understand that I will run a safe business and the criteria for me to 
stop swim lessons will be if I am forced by the Governor/City.  Should this happen, please understand that I will work to make up missing lessons if at all possible.  Understand that your fee for the session is paid so that the pool expenses are covered and the business can remain open.  

2020 Swim will run in 2 sessions of 7 weeks each.
August 17th  - October 1st
October 5th  - November 19th
Swimmers may sign up for both sessions.   Payment must be made a week before the session begins to secure the swim class.
The swimmers that swim in both sessions will remain in the same "pod group".

How to sign up
To be fair to swim families I will offer the spring swimmers priority to sign up and secure their class times.   The dates to sign up for the fall swim class will be July 20th - July 24th and your fee will be due a week before swim classes begin.  After swim classes begin, your fee becomes non refundable.  

From September 28th I will open the 2nd fall swim session to all other applicants.

2021 Swim 
I will reopen swim in 2021 and run 2 sessions from the end of January to the end of May.
The sign ups for these sessions will be in November.
  • Current enrolled swimmers will have the option to sign up for fall a week before
  • the general applications.
  • There will be 2 sessions of swim each running for 7 weeks.
  • The registration for the session 2 opens September 28th, via email.
  •  requests, via email may be submitted to swimwithluey@mac.com 
  •  session confirmations will be emailed as early as possible.
  • Kindergarten late dismissal has made it harder to open/offer classes but I will do my best.
  • Please email often to check in for classes. 
  •  classes will become available if a swimmer leaves a class.
  • Kindly include child's name, age, current water abilities and days/times that they are available to swim.
  • Classes run Monday through Thursday from 9am - 6.00pm
  • Mommy/me 3 years and under.  There will be new times and days for mommy/me.
  • Classes are structured for age and ability with 4 swimmers per class.
  • Current swimmers are required to give 2 weeks notice should they choose to leave a class.
  • Email 2 weeks before a session to see if there is any availability.
  • Emails are answered but please do re email if you have not had a reply within a few days.