About and Update on Swim / Virus closure

Luey’s Swim School offers small group swim lessons from a home pool in Palo Alto. The pool is enclosed and is heated to 90°F, so it's comfortable year round.

Swimmers have lessons once a week that last half an hour. There are four swimmers of similar age and ability per half-hour class.  Classes run from 9 am until 6 pm.

Swim sessions during the school year are divided into three semesters of approximately 10 weeks each. Teacher Louise also offers a summer sessions during the summer months.

Beginner swimmers learn to float and become confident in the water.  Swimmers move on to learning safety skills and stroke techniques. Once swimmers become proficient in the four strokes they are ready to “graduate” from Luey’s Swim School into swim teams and endurance programs in larger pools.

As with any sport, parents are encouraged to provide opportunities for their children to swim outside of their lesson time. Children who spend more time in a pool, whether its swim or play, develop confidence and progress at a quicker rate.


My first wish is that every family and extended family are safe and healthy.

My Pool  
When reading and understanding Covid 19 with regards to private swim pools,
The CDC headlines that:
There is no evidence that COVID 19 can be spread to humans through the use of recreational waters.  Follow safe swimming practices along with social distancing and everyday preventative actions to protect yourself.
Advise those wearing face coverings to NOT wear them in the water.
Discourage people from sharing items for example, goggles.
From the Water Quality & Health Council:
"Chlorine in pool water inactivates the virus so it is no longer infectious," Says Dr. Chris J. Wait, chair of the Water Quality & Health Council.  "A properly maintained pool protects swimmers from the virus in the pool water.

My facility will continue run under Covid 19 guidelines.
Every effort will be made at my swim lessons to keep us all safe in the water.  Swimmers will spend most of their lessons in and underwater and I will monitor their distance from each other as best I can.  I will teach with efficiency to ensure our utmost  safety while giving instruction to each child.